What is your deposit policy?

The shop takes a $100 deposit minimum for all appointments that goes towards the total cost of the tattoo. Every artist has a different minimum and hourly rate.
At least 48 hrs must be given for a reschedule otherwise the deposit will be forfeited.
If you cancel/reschedule more than twice, even if both times were before 48 hours, the deposit will be forfeited and to schedule again, will require a second deposit. After the artist have shown you the tattoo design and you decide to change it completely or cancel, your deposit will be forfeited as a design fee. Please make sure we are the right artist for you and properly address what you are looking for during the consultation. We are flexible with this specific policy. Deposits will be forfeited when there is a no-show. To avoid any "infinity and beyond" hold of deposit, we can hold your deposit for two months. After that, your deposit will be gone. All cancellation before the 48 hrs, 50% of the deposit will be refunded so please read all of our policy carefully before booking. You are able to change through the website/confirmation email we have provided you previously to reschedule or cancel at any time but will not be available to you within 48 hours before your appointment so you will have to email your artist. Please let us know the reasoning of your third reschedule, holds that are longer than two months, cancellation if you are comfortable so we can help you! We are not here to just take your money and we want to provide you our best customer service! :D

What should I do to prepare before my tattoo?

1. It can be very helpful to make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the skin where you are getting the tattoo for at least a week before your appointment! Dry and rough skin can be more difficult to tattoo. 2. Try to be clean before coming in for your appointment, so no going to the beach or going on a big hike and then coming straight to the studio. I will clean and sanitize your skin no matter what, but just in general it’s probably better for you not to be stinky and sweaty for your appointment! 3. Make sure to eat a big and full meal before coming in! Going to a tattoo appointment without eating beforehand can really increase your changes of feeling sick and passing out during or after your tattoo! Don’t risk it. 4. Wear appropriate clothes for where you are planning on getting the tattoo! For example, don’t wear really tight skinny jeans if you’re getting a tattoo on your thigh (unless you’re ok with being in your underwear in front of me and other people in the shop) and same goes with other placements. 5. If there is any sheets or cloth you don't care about, please bring them to use for your appoinment to make our studio closer to being greener! We are going to try to purchase eco-friendly bed sheets but it is not always available for us to purchase.

How do I book an appointment with you?

There is an online consultation booking available on our website under our 'BOOKING' that you can select date/time and schedule at any time. Consultations are 30 minutes. For any flash/custom designs, it is best to email your artist directly with screenshot of flash you want or a detailed description of your custom piece with reference images (see below). Please visit your artist's instagram/website for flash designs. Please email with: Name, pronouns, date of birth, email address, phone number, a flash or custom piece, size in inches, placement, black ink or coloured, budget, and preferred dates. Please be specific as possible. Visiting guest artists may have a different policy, please contact them directly to find out.

Do you do consultations?

You can click HERE to book an appointment. Please double-check if we are the right artist for you and know what to expect in your design. We prefer to do my communication about your design and appointment over email due to COVID-19, unless it’s absolutely necessary to do it in person. This is why it’s very important to be as descriptive as you can when telling me about your design when you fill out the booking form.

How do i take care of my tattoo after?

If you’re using saniderm, leave it on for 2-4 days. It’s normal for there to be some ink and fluid buildup under the bandage, so if it looks “blurry”, don’t panic!
Saniderm is waterproof, so you can shower with it on without worrying about it. However, that doesn’t mean you should go swimming so try to avoid submerging it. If you get a rash around the bandage at any time, it could just be a mild allergic reaction to the bandage so take it off and take care of it with the instructions below. Remove the bandage in the shower with warm water and soap. Peel it off gently, do not rip it off.
Once the bandage is fully removed, wash it with mild unscented soap. If there is any adhesive stuck to your skin that you can’t get off, you can rub it off gently with a cotton ball soaked in either olive oil or coconut oil. Wash the oil off completely afterwards. Let your tattoo air dry for at least 10 minutes before applying your ointment. Only apply a very thin layer! After a few days, you may notice some peeling and possibly a little scabbing depending on how big your tattoo is. Your tattoo may also begin to itch. DO NOT ITCH, SCRATCH, RUB OR PICK at the tattoo.
Doing so can seriously affect how your tattoo heals. The first few days and weeks are the most important for your new tattoo. Make sure to take care of it properly. Wash your tattoo twice a day for at least a week, applying ointment after each wash and once more during the day as needed. Remember to always use a very thin layer. Do not overwash or over moisturize your tattoo. Make sure to never touch your tattoo unless you have just washed your hands.

If you aren’t letting your tattoo airdry, use a paper towel (from a fresh roll) rather than a normal towel. Also, it can be helpful to use clean bed sheets at least the first night your tattoo that doesn’t have a bandage on. If you experience any symptoms such as excessive swelling, redness, yellow or green discharge, fever or see streaks running towards the heart, please seek medical help and see a physician. Those are signs of an infection. If you’re not sure you have an infection, you can feel free to contact us with an image of your tattoo and so I can help you decide what to do next. DO NOT: Use scented soaps, take long showers, baths, saunas, swim in the ocean, pool or hot tub.

DO: Wear loose, clean clothes. Avoid sunlight. Ask me if you have any questions, even if they seem dumb! They aren’t!

How much will my tattoo cost?

The shop minimum is $100. Your artist will be more than happy to give a price quote after the final artwork, size and placement is decided upon and before your appointment. Usually, you are given an estimate price during a consultation but price may change after the design is complete and the final size you decide on the day of your appointment but it will not be a dramatic change unless the design changes completely. In this case, depending on how complicated the design is, we might have to reschedule you.

Can I bring friends?

Yes, you can bring a friend. Although, we highly recommend coming alone but bringing one friend for support is totally fine! We are also pet friendly :)

Do you do touch ups?

Yes, we provide one free touch up within six months. Depending on the piece, 4 weeks of minimum wait is necesary but 8 weeks are recommended. Please take a picture of your healed tattoo in a bright setting and in a frontal view. Most of our artists use fine lines which can heal lightly and that is totally normal. Tattoos cannot be as bright and black when it heals and under your skin as it looks when it is freshly done, same goes with coloured tattoos. Everyone's healing process is different depending on your skin type. If there is any gap space between the lines or complete fading, you may need a touch up so email your artist to book for a touch up session! There is an execption to hand, finger, foot, toe tattoos as they are more likely to fade or sometimes disappear even after a couple touch ups so we don't recommend getting it in these placements but as long as our clients are aware of the outcome, we are more happy to do so but with no free touch ups. Some artist may not be comfortable doing these placements!

What is the shop payment method?

Our shop only takes cash, debit, or e-transfer for your final payment. However, deposits must be cash or e-transfer for email consultation.